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Join any of our 3 Official Challenges which are open to everyone.

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Create your own custom Challenge and invite others.

Distance Challenge

Includes RUNNING, WALKING, CYCLING, SWIMMING and other distance-based activities.

The goal is to complete the equivalent of 1000km within the calendar year.

This Challenge is great for those looking to train for a race (marathon / triathlon / etc), improve their pace or incorporate healthier options into their daily commute.

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Includes all activities available in the Distance Challenge, plus YOGA, EXERCISE, SPORTS, CALORIE COUNTING, WEIGHTLIFTING and other time-based activities.

The goal is to complete the equivalent of 1000km within the calendar year.

This Challenge is great for anyone interested in losing weight, reducing stress and being generally active and healthy.


Healthy Mind Challenge

Includes MEDITATING, READING, PLAYING INSTRUMENTS and other cognitive activities.

The goal is to complete the equivalent of 1000km within the calendar year.

This Challenge is great for anyone interested in exercising their mind in a variety of ways and taking some time to focus on their mental well-being.

Create Custom Challenge

Are you a personal trainer looking for a way to motivate clients? A nomad trying to bring remote friends and family together? An employee seeking a team building exercise for your colleagues? Simply just want to mingle and compete against random humans?

Look no further – you’re in the right place!

  • Set a Goal & Timeframe

    Don't let the name fool you - custom Challenges can include any goal (not just 1000km) and take place over any period of time (not just one year).

  • Choose Your Activities

    Your custom Challenge can include ANY health-related activities - Year of 1000km is the only application that offers this.

  • Invite Participants

    Whether it's a private Challenge for family, friends or colleagues, or you're bringing over an entire pre-existing community of members - there's room for everyone!

One Application to Record All Progress

Example Scenario: You are a Personal Trainer. You know that each of your clients has different needs to reach their goals. One requires weightlifting for strength training, another is training for a half-marathon to lose weight, and another focuses on healthy eating and stretching to recover from injury.

Providing a single way for them to motivate each other with healthy competition while allowing them to focus on their individual activities and goals has been impossible… until now…

  • Distance-based activities

    Running, swimming, hiking, cycling, etc. You can even choose to include Elevation as an additional variable to spice things up.

  • Time-based activities

    Yoga, weight lifting, meditating, etc. It's also possible to measure any of the distance-based activities with time instead of distance.

  • ...and more!

    Choose from a growing list of pre-set activities, or request a new one be added. If it's an activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle, it's fair game.

community to motivate.

The best motivation comes from getting inspired by others.

The Year of 1000km application leverages communities for inspiration and healthy competition via official and custom Challenges.

Whether you are interested in bringing friends, family or colleagues together for a fitness Challenge, meeting new people or even managing your already expanding healthy lifestyle Group from Facebook or other social networks, Year of 1000km is exactly what you need!


The global Year of 1000km Community is growing quickly and is by far the most valuable asset we have.

Together we motivate each other to strive for goals, never give up and push ourselves further than we ever thought possible.

Check out these video testimonials to hear what our awesome Community members are saying about their own personal Year of 1000km experience.

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Your referral commission percentage grows based on how many successful referrals you get – the sky’s the limit!

  • Uncapped commissions

  • Dashboard to monitor earnings

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