Year of 1000km is a global community of people that all share a similar goal: to live an active and healthy life while meeting new people and motivating each other in the process.

To accomplish this, we have three primary tools:


A Facebook Group that we use to stay connected :- 

It is here that we get to know each other, share stories, photos, helpful articles, and talk a bit of trash to keep pushing each other to the next level, in a completely fun and safe atmosphere.


A Google Spreadsheet for tracking progress :-  

This is where we log our progress and see how we stack up against other members with real-time graphs. This will eventually be replaced with a mobile app.


Two Challenges designed to provide something for everyone :-

A participant may sign up for one of the two Challenges, and the two groups come together to form one global community.

Our first challenge was created in 2018, and focused on running 1000km throughout the calendar year. Based on these ro3555ots, all Year of 1000km challenges use the common currency of running equivalent (RE) kilometres:

Running / Walking : 1km = 1km (RE)
Cycling : 2.5km = 1km (RE)
Swimming : 0.25km = 1km (RE)
Exercise : 30mins = 5km (RE)
Calorie Counting : Consume below personal weekly limit = 5km (RE)

It is not possible to use results from step counters throughout the day, and when walking, it should be a dedicated 20-30min+ block of speed walking.

Some may wish to dispute the conversion rates above, but please note that, although feedback is always welcome, these will not be modified for the 2020 Challenges.

The Challenge
  • Complete equivalent of running 1000km in 12 months
  • Activities include running, speed walking, cycling & swimming.
  • This challenge is great for those looking to train for a race, better their personal time or incorporate healthier options into their daily commute
  • We have beginners, ultra-distance trainers, speedsters and everything in between
Earn Commission
  • Complete equivalent of running 1000km in 12 months
  • Activities include everything from the Distance Challenge, with the addition of weekly calorie counting (based on personal limit) & exercising (gym time, yoga, pilates, etc.)
  • This challenge is perfect for anyone interested in losing weight, reducing stress and generally being active and healthy
  • We have people recovering from injury, retirees staying active, new mothers taking some time for themselves and everything in between.

Both Challenges welcome all experience levels, and you always move at your own pace.